2014 year in review

In 2014 I:

* Went to Iceland. There I rode on a dog sled and walked on a glacier
* I completed my first chopper /customer motorcycle build. It is a dang nice looking bike
* Went to Brazil to see the World cup. There I watched 3 games, ate amazing food and met some dang wonderful people
* Ran in the Spudman triathlon, my first olympic distance. I finished in 2:42 and ranked 107th out of 245 in my age bracket
* Watched Oliver and Truman compete in their first ever, kids Triathlon in Layton. They did amazing for zero hours of training.
* I bought a house in Bountiful
* Said good bye to a truly amazing uncle. He will be missed
* I got officially divorced. That was long in coming, but I was extremely ready for it.
* As a gift for getting divorced, I leased a Porsche. Treat ‘yo self
* I organized the second annual Schlegel/Aston Post-Thanksgiving Family Pie fight
* I watched my kids build ginger bread houses, perform the nativity, and wake up to snow on christmas with their cousins

I was a great year with lots of learnings. I felt tried, but I also felt very loved and blessed. Looking forward to 2015.

2013 in Review

This year I:

* I baptized Oliver a member of the lds church
* I was spoiled rotten with my first ever Helicopter skiing trip
* I had porcelain veneers put on my front teeth, which had always bothered me
* I completed my first every custom motor cycle, it is pretty sweet
* I got a promotion at work of which I am very proud
* I re-discovered my love of reading and read 24 books
* I ordained Max to be a deacon in the LDS church, which is a big deal.
* I purchased a Martin guitar, which is the nicest guitar I have ever owned.
* I checked 3 items off of my bucket list.

On a sadder, more awkward note and if you haven’t heard in April, my wife of 14 years, left me and filed for divorce. While I didn’t choose things to be like this, I am adjusting to my new life and moving on. It has been very difficult to say the least. I am trying to look at the positives and be content if not happy with my lot in life. I am going to make the best of it and learn what I can about myself, the gospel and be the best I can be for my kids. Happy new year.

And we’re back

After a short delay we are back in action. Turns out we were attacked by hackers who deleted all our posted from somewhere inside of Davis County Utah.

Thank goodness for backups. Don’t forget to change your passwords kids.