2013 in Review

This year I:

* I baptized Oliver a member of the lds church
* I was spoiled rotten with my first ever Helicopter skiing trip
* I had porcelain veneers put on my front teeth, which had always bothered me
* I completed my first every custom motor cycle, it is pretty sweet
* I got a promotion at work of which I am very proud
* I re-discovered my love of reading and read 24 books
* I ordained Max to be a deacon in the LDS church, which is a big deal.
* I purchased a Martin guitar, which is the nicest guitar I have ever owned.
* I checked 3 items off of my bucket list.

On a sadder, more awkward note and if you haven’t heard in April, my wife of 14 years, left me and filed for divorce. While I didn’t choose things to be like this, I am adjusting to my new life and moving on. It has been very difficult to say the least. I am trying to look at the positives and be content if not happy with my lot in life. I am going to make the best of it and learn what I can about myself, the gospel and be the best I can be for my kids. Happy new year.

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